Book Endorsements


ISBN:   978-1-77069-814-7

FORMAT: 5.5” x 8.5” Trade       PAGE COUNT: 224 pp.

RELEASED:  April 2013

Glenn C. Taylor
131 Cordite Road, Winnipeg, MB R3W 1S1
Phone: 866.967.3782 Fax: 800.352.9272       

What has been said about Pastors in Transition:

“Glenn Taylor’s writing reflects the person he is – competent, caring, credible and sensitive; the concern that he has – hurting pastors who have sought to serve God but have experienced pain in the process; and the integrated life he leads – a careful blend of biblical insight mixed with pastoral theology and practice. This little book is a permission-giving gift that will help many pastors locate their story in a much bigger narrative.”
~Dr. Rod Wilson, President, Regent College, Vancouver

“I have deeply appreciated the insights you have given to this very important part of the ministry both for pastors/missionaries, their wives and families. This book would have been an invaluable tool for me, many times during our ministry journey. I could see myself in every chapter and am so pleased that this resource will be available now for younger followers of Jesus who feel called into full time ministry. It needs to be a travelling companion of every person in transition.”
~Rev. Ernest Kennedy, Retired Pastor and Denominational Executive, Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches

“In his new book, Pastors in Transition, Glenn Taylor discusses a very important ministry issue using great ideas and solid practical research, both tested for years in the crucible of real life. As one of the hundreds of people who Glenn has assisted in a ministry transition, I can affirm personally the effectiveness of the clear principles and practical advice he shares creatively for the benefit of all.”
~Rev. Marvin Brubacher, Executive Director, MentorLink, Canada,
Former President, Heritage Bible College and Seminary, Canada

“This is a very practical summary of Glenn’s lifetime of ministry of pastoring pastors, and a good read for any pastor. Whether in transition or not presently, you will be at some time.”
~Dr. Rodger McCready, Pastor,
Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches, Ontario

“August, authoritative and authentic, rare descriptors that encompass both the life of the author and his book ‘Pastors in Transition.’ The setting is unique, positioned to glean practical life lessons from raw temporal experience, refined by eternal wisdom, revealed in the grand narrative of scripture – the source of our world-view. Negotiating tough transitions calls for a clear understanding of both. We journeyed together for 25 rich years. I benefited vicariously from his mentorship. Together we tested ideas. Many under his care will attest to the joy of restored hope. Now – you the reader – can also share in the accumulative wisdom from the life of one who has modeled servant leadership.”
~Dr. Ken Gamble, President, Missionary Health Institute/International Health Management, Toronto, ON, Canada

“A must read book for anyone that is in a transitioning stage of their lives. Every church board should have one in their library to help prepare them for exiting or entering pastors. In keeping with Glenn’s metaphors of camping, canoeing and crossing rivers, this book is the “Swiss army knife” of resources.”
~Rev. Reid Cooke, Retired Pastor, Associate Gospel Churches, Chaplain: Christian Legal Fellowship, Canada

“This book is to a pastor in transition what a paddle is to a canoe; it will guide you, direct you, stabilize you through the rapids, and provide you a prop to pause and reflect on your course.”
~David R. Johnson, Pastor, Minden Associate Gospel Church, Ontario

“Glenn has skillfully presented his years of experience, wisdom and research in dealing with transitions in ministry. This book is an invaluable resource for ministry families to successfully negotiate the inevitable changes that occur over the course of lives spent in ministry. I enthusiastically recommend it to all pastors, missionaries and their wives.”
~Kim Lidstone, Member Care & Candidate Coordinator, Fellowship International, FEBC, Canada

“One can tell that this was written by one who has had years of working with people in transition. As you read this you sense that the material is so real that it applies even in the business world where positions of leadership change continuously.”
~Dr. Timothy Starr, Assoc. Pastor, People’s Church, Toronto, retired Pastor


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