Glenn C. Taylor was ordained in 1959 during the establishment of the third of the three churches which he pioneered.     He pursued education in both theology and psychology at both graduate and post-graduate level.   His areas of ministry included pastoral, chaplaincy, Bible College and Seminary teaching, administration of a large inner city ministry and pastoral and psychological services to over 40 international mission agencies.     He and his wife operated a retreat center for 10 years, providing accommodation and counseling and consultation services to over 1600 missionaries, pastors and others engaged in Christian ministry.


Taylor & Wilson,2003, Helping Angry People (Regent College Publisher, BC) available from http://www.regent-college.edu   (ISBN 1-57383-253-7)

Taylor & Wilson, 2003, Exploring Your Anger(Regent College Publisher,BC) available from http://www.regent-college.edu  (ISBN 1-57383-249-9)

Taylor, Glenn C., Pastors in Transition: Navigating the Turbulence of Change, (Winnipeg: Word Alive Press, 2013) available from http://www.wordalivepress.ca, or from the author – glennctaylor35@gmail.com  (ISBN 978-1-77069-814-7)

Taylor, Glenn, D’un ministere a l’autre: Savior naviguer dans les eaux tumultueuses du changement, (France: Excelsis, collection Diakonos, 2016) available from http://www.XL6.com or from the author – glennctaylor35@gmail.com  (ISBN 978-2-7550-0285-0)

Other Writing:

Powell & Bowers (eds.), Enhancing Missionary Vitality, (Colorado:Mission Training International, 2002) ISBN 0-942726-03-0; available -www.mti.org/compass/           Chapter 7 – “A Theological Perspective on Missionary Care.” G.C. Taylor                      Chapter 9 – “Spiritual Dimensions in Mental Health.” G.C. Taylor                                  Chapter 25 – “Dimensions of Care in the Missions Community.” G.C. Taylor

Andrews (ed.) The Family in Missions: Understanding and Caring for Those Who Serve, (Colorado: Mission Training International, 2004) ISBN 0-942726-04-9 available -www.mti.org/compass/                                                                                                                      Section IV: The Missionary Family, Senior Editor, Glenn C. Taylor                                          Chapter 16, “The Missionary Family, Andrews and Taylor                                                      Chapter 17, “The Family in Ministry, G.C. Taylor






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