Books by Glenn Taylor

Pastors in Transition: Navigating the Turbulence of Change (Word Alive Press, 2013) Servants of God change Ministries. People move to new ministries often. Navigating the turbulence of change is stressful whether within one’s culture or to a new culture. Vulnerability, stress, anxiety, loss, and grief are all part of moving. Families may be traumatized. Maximizing growth in the midst of change is a key to successful transition. This book will help.

The Web of Life: Inviting others to live or die in community. (Word Alive Press, 2016) Community is about relationships. Relationships build or destroy faith. The life I touch for good or ill touches another! Individualism doesn’t work. But how do we create community with intentionality?

Fruitful Boughs Broken: Pastors in Fruitfulness, Failure, and Forgiveness. (Word Alive Press, 2019) Servants of God in ministry experiences failure! This was a reality in the live of Biblical servants of God, even those held up as models. Failure should not be the end of the story. God redeems those who failed like Peter, Elijah, and many others. God’s discipline leads to redemption and restoration.

Finishing Strong: Exploring Endurance and Resilience in Ministry, (, 2020) Servants of God Desire to Finish Strong! The challenges of ministry are often overwhelming. “Fighting without and fears within,” Paul said. Consider the challenges of Abraham, Joseph, Moses, etc. These wilderness experiences of tensions and stress sometimes overwhelmed. What can we learn in the wilderness experiences in ministry? What is God seeking to teach us? How do we tap tragedies for our benefit and growth? A study of endurance and resilience is a good place to start.

All of these books are available from the publishers, Amazon or from the Author. 416-908-6511


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