Fruitful Boughs Broken: Pastors in Fruitfulness, Failure, & Forgiveness

This is a new book written by Glenn C. Taylor (Word Alive Press, 2019)

It is a Biblical study of faithful and fruitful servants of God who failed. However, it also studies modern pastors who likewise served faithfully, effectively but eventually failed and in frustration and shame left the ministry.

Failure is never a chosen or desired outcome for those who enter the ministry. They enter with the intention to finish strong, to endure in service. Brokenness occurs in many different ways. There are many contributing factors. For churches to respond with judgment and dismissal without understanding the contributing factors is unwise and harmful to churches, the pastor, the family, and the church.

This book explores these issues from the perspective of having spent five decades providing counseling/consultation to churches and pastors.  It is available from the author at, Word Alive Press, or other retailors in paper or electronic formate.


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