A New Book by Glenn C. Taylor A NEW BOOK FOR PASTORS & CHURCH LEADERS Word Alive Press, 2019, $23.99 SERVANTS OF GOD IN MINISTRY EXPERIENCE FAILURE! This was a reality in the lives of Biblical Servants of God. Historically and today, failure is a real experience in the lives of godly leaders. Discipline without redemption is not a Biblical option. The journey toward failure is unchosen, undesired & unplanned! This book faces the issues both of discipline and redemption. Most importantly, it provides practices and policies that lead to prevention. WHAT READERS HAVE SAID: Dr. Rod Wilson (Regent College): “This book makes a bold and audacious argument – namely that leaders who experience brokenness and failure can be full participants in God’s redemptive trajectory…It will benefit all who are called to leadership, as well as church boards, and denominational and non-profit overseers.” Rev. Marvin Brubacher (MentorLink) “Some books should be tasted; some should be savoured: a few should be devoured and digested well…Fruitful Boughs Broken fits the final category…Glenn includes several tools he has used to assist in this process which all leaders will find helpful.” Ken Jolley (Missionary): “There are many nugget thoughts…brought to the surface for us to recognize and reflect upon…You present us with the appetizer that needs to be more fully explored, understood and practiced…God manifests Himself through flawed individuals…refined through failure.” Dr. Grant Gordon (Consultant): “This book provides a wealth of insight into the complex factors that contribute to the fall of pastors…His approach is unique in how he draws from many disciplines…A very helpful book for pastors…church boards, denominational leaders and those training pastors.” Dr. Karen Carr (Trauma Specialist) “When we hear of ‘moral failure’ in church or in missions, we wonder what happened…Rapid decisions focused on damage control leads to terminating…without any plan to understand…or provide an avenue for healing…Glenn’s book is both deep in theology and understanding but also provides practical tools for prevention, early recognition, intervention, and redemptive response.” Available: Word Live Publishers; Retailors on line in paperback and digital. Author: Glenn C. Taylor, 630 6th., Unit 221-4, Hanover, ON N4N 0A4; Phone: 416-908-6511 Email: glennmarytaylor@gmail.com; Web Site: www.glennctaylor.com