Relationships Matter: You & the Spider

An analogy

The spider and his web may help us in our understanding. The sensitive web of the spider is an appropriate analogy. It is as necessary to his survival as our relationships are to us. Our relationships are important, influential and an essential part of our lives as is the spider’s web to him.
Have you touched a spider’s web and watched it vibrate its message to the waiting spider? The fine threads of the web transmit the message. Our communication extends through the connections in our personal web. The messages may be electronic. They will be expressed with a variety of emotions. But there is more. There will be gestures, eye contact, facial expression and other content. When we touch the life of another, it causes their web to tremble. Our web vibrates when others touch us in communicating. The connectedness is vital to our experience of life. The message may be positive or negative.
The trembling of the web of life, fragile, yet strong, is set in motion by all the touches we give and receive among the lives we encounter. It is my intention to explore our experiences as we move along the pathway of life…Truly, it is an interactive process. Sometimes we are influenced by a passing touch. An enduring relationship will very likely have more impact. The loss of relationship as we move through life will also alter our experience. “The life that I touch for good or ill will touch another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops.” (Fredreick Beuchner) Our lives are much more complicated than that of the spider, but the analogy teaches us muchThe Question: Does our touch invite others to live or to die?The above is a quote from “The Web of Life” a book written by Glenn C. Taylor. It is available from the author ($18:00) email –



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