Glen C. Taylor began his pastoral ministry in 1956 pioneering three churches,   served as correctional chaplain, a professor and counsellor in College and Seminary,   a CEO of a large inner city ministry and as a counsellor/consultant to more than   thirty international mission organizations.He has graduate degrees in theology and psychology and training in trauma   counseling. He provided assessment, pre-field training and counseling for several   thousand missionaries and scores of pastors and church planters. He worked with a   research team addressing family issues in missions for fifteen years.In retirement, he continues to serve pastors and churches in counseling and consultation.His wife Mary, has been a partner in these many ministries including the operation of “Ferlie Brae”, a retreat centre for pastors and missionaries for ten years, during which time they accommodated over sixteen hundred persons. During these years, they also offered training, counselling, conflict management and trauma debriefing in over twenty different countries.This book grew out of experience. One of the greatest contributors to stress and trauma in ministry is moving through the turbulence of change from one ministry to another. Each member of the family experiences transition differently and each experience is different. Spouses and children are often not heard as to their experience. This book seeks to identify and offer healing to those factors.

To contact Glenn or purchase this book directly from him:

Telephone:   519-794-0389    email: glennctaylor35@gmail.com                                      

Pastors in Transition 2

Cost:   $17.00 + postage

Postage:   In Canada  $4.00      To the U.S. $8.00


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